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Details WordPress-in-Depth

WordPress in Depth A guide to WordPress provides bloggers with everything they need to know to build, design, manage, and customize their blogs, including step-by-step coverage of everything from installation and security to publishing and ...

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Details Physical-and-Logical-Security-Convergence-Powered-By-Enterprise-Security-Management

Physical and Logical Security Convergence Offers an explanation of information security, physical security, and why approaching these two different types of security in one way (called convergence) is so critical in the changing security landscape ...

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Details The-Globalization-of-Security-State-Power-Security-Provision-and-Legitimacy-New-Security-Challenges

The Globalization of Security The Globalization of Security is an important rethinking of the connections between globalization and security, focusing on a conceptual examination of the role of the state combined with key case studies. The book ...

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Details Fiamma-Kit-Security-Lock-fr-Security-3146

Kit Security Lock Bestehend aus einem zusätzlichen Sicherheitsschloss. Zum Nachrüsten der Security 31 und 46 durch die Montage auf der Einstiegstür. Komplett mit Schlüssel und innerer Gegenhalterung. Aus weiß lackiertem Aluminium.

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Details Security-of-Industrial-Water-Supply-and-Management-Environmental-Security-NATO-Science-for-Peace-and-Security-Series-C-Environmental-Security

Broschiertes BuchOver time, the increased use of fresh water for agriculture and industry together with contamination from discharges of pollutants, mean that ever more areas of the planet are becoming water-stressed. Because of the competing needs of ...

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Details Beautiful-Security-Leading-Security-Experts-Explain-How-They-Think

Beautiful Security An anthology that describes methods used to secure computer systems in the face of threats. It covers topics that include: rewiring the expectations and assumptions of organizations regarding security; security as a design ...

102,16 EUR*
Details Technology-and-Security-Governing-Threats-in-the-New-Millennium-New-Security-Challenges

Technology and Security This book takes forward the existing state of academic understanding where security and technology intersect. It assesses the challenges posed by emerging scientific and technological developments for security while ...